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Swallow, Chew: How Do You Eat The Word Of God?


Yearning to know God more, live victoriously and bear fruits are the desires of every true Christian. And how you eat the word of God goes a long way in determining if you become successful and live victoriously in your walk as a Christian.

Food is a necessity for the human body. We need food. We eat food to help build up our body, to stay alive and working too.

The Bible describes the word of God as the food for our spirit. As our physical body uses food in other to build up the body system to function effectively, so, our spirit man needs food to build up the spirit to enable victorious and prosperous living as a Christian.

Suffice to say, a glorious and victorious living is a function of how you feed on the word of God.(Jos1:8)

How Do You Eat The Word Of God?

There are different ways Christians feed on the word:

Some read the word of God, which is swallowing.

Some meditate on the word of God, which is chewing.

An explicit description for swallow is when people take pills. You pop a pill into your mouth and snap, it is gone down into your stomach or wherever it goes in there. Chewing doesn’t happen like this. It takes time because you are breaking food down into small pieces with your teeth for easy digestion.

The Christian who swallows (read only) the word and not chew, doesn’t get much out of the word of God. Such Christian had a quickie feed on the word of God. And as described in James1:24, he only took a glance at the word, walked away, and two minutes later, have no idea what he read.

That is spiritual malnourishment.Feeding poorly in the spirit affects one’s daily walk as a Christian. When challenges come up, he will cower, he bows and gets defeated because he couldn’t remember the word of God to help him overcome the challenge.

Swallowing or reading the word of God without meditating on it is catastrophic for Christian living.


This will bring us to the other way some Christians eat the word, which happens to be the best and productive way of eating the word of God.

Most Productive Way Of Reading The Word Of God


Meditating on the word is the most productive way of reading the word of God. It’s the only way to get the word ingrained into your life. Meditating on God’s word is pondering over what God says and relating it to your own life. This could be a particular scripture or promise in God’s word concerning a situation—health, finance issue etc.

You see, when you ponder or think about something over and over, it registers in your mind. And there is where God wants His word to remain. Not on the pages of the Bible.

“Keep my words within your heart” (Pro4:21).

Reading the word does not keep it within your heart. Meditating on God’s word drives the word into your heart. The Heart is the battlefield where life’s battle is either won or lost. The word of God that will help you to become a victor, is not the one on the pages or chapters of the Bible. It is the word of God you carry in your heart.

God’s word is like a seed. Seeds don’t grow or gain root on the surface of the soil. They need to be rooted inside to whether the storms, winds and bear fruits.Colossians3:16 says, “Let the word of God dwell in you richly”. Not on the surface.

Swallow, glance at, flip through or skim-read are on the surface ways of reading the word. They don’t produce fruits. They do not help a Christian to live victoriously.They either do not bring joy or gladness to the heart.

Do you want to grow in your walk with God? Do you want to be victorious and prosperous?

Then, whenever you want to read Gods word:

Sit down with the word.

Think of the word.

Meditate on the word.

Chew the word.

Don’t put the word of God in a box, expand it.The Holy Spirit helping you, you will experience true freedom, prosperous and victorious living,joy and gladness of heart as you walk with God.

How have you been reading the word of God? Use the comment section and tell us.

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It’s Hard Being A Christian

It's (2).png

Will I ever be able to obey God’s commands completely?

This question never stops coming up in my walk as a Christian; one who have received the free gift of salvation-Jesus.

The sermon on the pulpit on Sabbath days keeps exhorting me to be holy, ’’without holiness you won’t see God. Without holiness, you are ending up in hell’’.

Who does not want to behold God?

Who isn’t afraid of hell? (Those stories of hell, did you hear about them too?)

Now, wait…..

I know that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb, who took my place at the cross. He saved me from sin, sickness, fear, poverty etc.


I still bear the guilt of sin when I fall.

I am still afraid that I might disappoint God since I’m unable to obey God’s commands completely and live a holy life.

It’s just really burdensome being a Christian because I don’t fully understand what I’ve been saved from and what I’ve been saved into.

I took up a request to God each day, asking Him to help me live a holy life always. He pointed me to this scripture.2corinthians 12:9a”My grace is sufficient for you. My grace is enough and it is all you need.’ I started to meditate on that scripture to know His grace. As I was on it, a verse came up. ’May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ………….2cor13:14a, for the grace of God that brings salvation, has appeared to all men…….Titus1:11

Ahaa!! Jesus is the grace to help me.Jesus is enough. Jesus is all I need.

It was at this point that I came to the understanding and realization, that I’ve been trying to live holy on my own and by my own effort.

Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, had asked them in chapter3:2-3,

“I would like to learn just one thing from you. Did you receive the spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning with the spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?”

I started with Jesus. I believed and accepted Him, but now, I want to run off to continue on my own, thinking it’s by my own human effort.

No one can keep the whole commands. When you stumble in one, you’ve stumbled in all-Jas2:10

The Truth About Christianity

We are not saved by works-human effort. We are not saved by obeying laws, doctrines, regulations and all that. The bid to live a holy life on our own is a dead end street. It’s not about works lest any man boasts-Eph2:9.You can’t even work it out, because the more you try, the more you fall

If obeying God’s commands will make us holy, then Jesus died for nothing. It’s because we can’t keep God’s law on our own, that was why Jesus came to fulfill the righteous requirement of the law on our behalf. Jesus was the spotless lamb who carried our sins so that by believing in His finished work on the cross, we automatically become holy. This makes salvation what it is-FREE gift. Not something we earn by works.

So, Jesus bore our sins that we might be dead to sin and alive for righteousness-1pet2:24a.It is no longer us living but Christ living and expressing His life through us. When He lives in us and work through us, we won’t have any need to struggle to obey God’s commands-Living a holy life now becomes effortlessly.

Saying yes to Jesus and His finished work is all it takes to become a child of God.

“But to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to be children of God.”Jhn1:12

When we come to the knowledge and understanding that it’s not about us and what we do,but it’s about Jesus and embracing His finished work on the cross, we will grow and become who God made us to be-His righteousness.We will experience true freedom and peace.

It’s all about Jesus.

“In Christ, the law is fulfilled in us, but not by us.”

Do you have such experience in your walk with God?Do tell us by using the comment box and if you find this post helpful,then share.



The War Room



Do you have a war room?

Earlier this year, I got wind of a Christian film by the name ‘War Room.’I was just as curious to watch the drama film because of its title and also, with that title, it was a Christian film.

I downloaded the film and watched it….

This is a summary of the film and the message.

War Room is a 2015 American Christian drama film directed by Alex Kendrick and co-written and produced by Stephen Kendrick.


The plot was about a family:
Tony-a pharmaceutical sales person (husband)
Elizabeth-a realtor (wife)
Daniella (daughter)
The couple has a successful career but a strained marriage. Tony was not always there for their daughter. He verbally abuses his wife and daughter, even nursed the thought of cheating on his wife. The only thing they did together as a couple was a fight.

Then Elizabeth met Clara, an old widow. Being a realtor who wanted to help Clara sell her house, Elizabeth got along with Clara and there, Clara sensed the stress in Elizabeth’s marriage. She told Elizabeth to fight for her marriage and not give up.
During a tour of Clara’s house, Clara showed Elizabeth a special closet she has dedicated to praying and calls it her ‘War Room’ and as she has put it, ”in order to stand up and fight the enemy, you need to get on your knees and pray.” The War Room had scriptural notes  and prayer points taped to the wall.
Elizabeth, after giving it a careful thought, got her own war room.

“She cleared her closet. She gave up her vanities just to have her marriage back.”

Later on, Tony got fired for stealing drug samples. It was a hit to the bottom for him, he then dedicated his life to God. Tony having drawn close to God decided to return some stolen samples still with him. This has every likelihood to put him away in prison. Tony’s former boss was moved by his admittance to wrongdoing and decided not to press charges. Tony started showing interest in his daughter’s activities and offered to participate with her and her friends in an upcoming double Dutch competition at the local community center.
Their team took second place in the competition which paved the way for the restoration of father and daughter relationship.
Elizabeth finally got Miss Clara’s house sold out to a retired pastor while Tony was offered a job as the director of the community center.


  • War is a part of humanity in every age: fight for power, freedom, love, marriage. There’s always something to fight for.
  • Many battles we engage in today, especially emotional; very few of us know how to fight the right way or understand who we should really fight against.
  • To win any battle, you’ve got to have the right strategy and resource because victories don’t come back accidentally.
  • The spiritual controls the physical. Lashing out, complaining, whining, tweeting never solves war or mess. Seek God for the right strategy.
  • Anyone who goes into the war room comes out victorious.
  • It’s your duty to pray and it’s God’s duty to fix the war.
  • Prayer is the best weapon to fight. Get a prayer life or fuel up the one you already have.
  • Most importantly, hand over your life and all that is yours to God. You need a relationship with God to have a ‘War Room.’


My Thoughts on War Room

I simply loved the way war room addressed some issues faced in marriage and the efficacy of prayers. People will get it right through prayers.
When Clara found her voice and place, she reminded the enemy about the change in management. She took charge. It was a wake-up call to stand and fight; enough of the enemy toying with her marriage and sanity. She confessed and gave voice to situations and by so doing, she gave life to her faith which in turn manifested her confession.

The War Room is all about raising up more that will call and seek the face of God. An army of believers who are not ashamed of the gospel, who hate to be lukewarm.
It’s about raising up a generation that will not compromise under pressure. Raising up warriors who will take their stand, who will seek and worship God.

There you are…..The film is packed with loads of messages which I know you will find out too when you watch it.


Have you watched War Room? Tell me your thoughts too.
And if you are yet to watch it, this is an opportunity to go and watch it.You can also share your thoughts here too 🙂

I eagerly await your comments and if you are yet to follow my blog, please do to get more inspiring, great and fresh tips to help you live positively and purposefully.

You will get it right!

To Your Purpose Fulfillment!
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Seek God First


If there is one thing Christians are moving away from, it is the kingdom of God.


With all the media hype of seminars, e-books, talk shows, tweets about pursuing and living a successful life; everyone wants to be the perfect example of the successful life. From a happy marriage, a six figure paying job, investment and properties, degrees and awards: everyone wants to have a taste of it!


It’s a rat race out there!


What did God say about all these?

Did God make adequate provision for all these comforts of life?


He did!


“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”matthew6:33


While God made provisions for our comfort, His primary concern, and purpose for our lives is to seek Him and know His ways. The instruction was to seek God first, not seek Him second, which has become the norm presently among Christians.

The fear and worry of missing out have driven many Christians into wrong choices, some dabbling into ungodly ventures which has taken them out of God’s plan for their lives.

God doesn’t have a problem with seeking the comforts of life when it is sought in a godly means.

If God instructed us to seek His ways first, He sure will fulfill His promise to add ALL things to our lives.John10:35b says, “Scriptures cannot be broken. “God is not a man to lie or go back on His promise to meet all our everyday concerns. God is God. He honors His words more than anything.

One may wonder why God wants us to seek His kingdom ways first.

God is more concerned about the state of our soul and spirit. He wants us to seek His ways to enable us to grow in character. He is more concerned about us living a life worthy of Him, making us a holy people.

Everything we pursue here on earth is not meant to last forever. They have limited span.God calls them ‘perishable’. Our soul is the main deal. God wants to prepare our soul for the life beyond-eternity.

God knows that earthly pursuit before seeking His kingdom will take us away from His plan and purpose for our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is this:


Am I going to live for possessions, fame, and materialism?

Am I building my life on perishable things with no heavenly guarantee?


Seeking God and His ways is the end of our want.

“But those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”psalm34:10

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church worldwide(Winners Chapel) made this statement: “Everything added to my life where added when God considered them due. I didn’t need to ask for them. I never prayed for a house, wife, and car in my life. They were added when God considered them due. Matthew 6:33 covers you in all ramification.”

Matthew6:33 sets the pace for the future of Christians. It is the answer to all the questions of our lives.
If God did not spare His own son but gave Him up for us. How will He not also along with Him graciously give us ALL things?

When I remember that God gave up His only son for my sake, I can’t help but put all my trust in Him, obey His word to seek His ways first; knowing that He is more than able to meet all my needs.

It is good that we obey and seek God’s kingdom first, rather than seeking Him second. Whatever we acquire here on earth only ends here and they are not a guarantee for kingdom endorsement. The state of your soul will determine that.


Nothing will make your life more meaningful than knowing God first and walking in His righteousness.
It is my prayer that we all remain worthy vessels in God’s kingdom ready to seek Him first,to live for His righteousness and to accomplish all that He has called us to do.Amen!

To your purpose fulfillment!