“To everything,there is a purpose”

I’m Jane Osuagwu,and I am thrilled to have you on my blog.I am a Business Administrator by profession,a writer-blogger and a motivator by passion who is set out to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.I am a lover of music,reading,a positivity to humanity with loads of humor..lol.

Our lives is a gift from God;what we do with our lives is our gift to the world to fulfill our purpose.This blog is here to help inspire you,to find your purpose;discover the ‘WHY’ that is attached to your existence…..which can only be found in God.

Yea,God is all purpose.

To inspire you to live a positive life in a challenged world,to discover the power of words:the RIGHT words that can help shape you to fit your desired future.

To help you soar like an eagle….The sky is too large to accommodate everyone.So,spread your wings,become all that you were created to be:fulfill purpose….No holding back.

We Are All Creatures with a purpose.Let’s fulfill purpose together! 😉

Lest I forget,I am purely African! A Nigerian from Imo state.:D
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Circle me on Google @ Jane Osuagwu
Email me @ janeygeo4real@gmail.com


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Life is all about purpose and positivity

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