What if There Were no Challenges?


What if there were no challenges?
I’ve been trying to imagine life without challenges.But the picture I keep seeing in my mind is that of a robot.
A robot doesn’t have a life.Heck,it has no will or sense of emotion. So,how can it be challenged?
We aren’t a robot.We are human.
And challenges only presents itself to the living.

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished away challenges. The wishes only end up becoming a smoke that dissapears into thin air.
Truth be told,challenges aren’t sweet.Nobody likes it.This comes from the fact that we lean towards anything that’s not stressful or challenging.We will always seek the easier route and pleasurable ways.Hedonism: human nature.


Recently,I read a story a man told on Quora.The story happened in his college days.Then,he was a timid young guy.In his own words,a coward.
It was his first day in college,and he happened to be the first student to walk into the massive hall,where his first lecture will be held.
Being the coward he was,sitting at the back was the safest and logical thing to do.
The proffesor wouldn’t call him or talk to him.No one will notice him and he will hide at the back seat for the rest of the semester.
The timid young guy walked into the hall,moving to the back seat in the hall.He sat down.

On a second thought,he told himself he couldn’t continue being a coward.He stepped out from the back seat with the little confidence he could muster,and walked back to sit at the front row of the lecture hall.
He slided into the first chair in the front row,feeling his confidence leaving him and flying off the window.Again,he thought of going back to the back seat.But the thought that people has seen him leave the back seat to move to the front,will seem strange to those people who saw him.
So,he took a heavy breathe and sat,glued there.

He wasn’t going to pass out;he thought.
No sooner had he settled on the front seat that the professor walked into the hall.
The professor hasn’t noticed him.He exhaled within.
He was still alive.
Then,he had a voice that shouted,signaling some guys to move to the front row.
There was a sudden rush,as the guys sprinted to seat at the front row,next to the timid guy.It happened with the guys all relaxed;joking and laughing.

The timid guy couldn’t believe his eyes.
For all the coercion and bravery it had taken him to sit on the front row,it took these guys next to nothing to sit on the front row.It hadn’t been a challenge for them.Probably,they wouldn’t remember this,but him,the timid guy will.


The man concluded his story with these words: “we forget what was easy because there’s no achievement in what we do with ease.”


This story made an important discovery about life and challenges.
What might be a challenge to you may not be a challenge to the other person.Again,challenges presents itself either in small or big form.
So,it’s logical to say,life is a challenge itself.


While everyone have their own share of challenges,the big question is this: How Do You Handle Challenges?


How do you perceive challenges and how do you react to them?
Can I tell you this? Perception is everything.
The way you regard challenges,the way you perceive them with your senses and beliefs,will determine if you can handle and raise above the challenges.
Do you see challenges as a stone or a stepping stone?


Do you allow difficulties to keep you to the ground without a fight?
Do you even know you are the one to decide if your challenges will break or build you?
I love these words of Joel Osteen.He said, “You wouldn’t be who you are today without all the things you’ve been through.Don’t complain about the challenge.It’s not hindering you.It’s preparing you.”


Challenges will help you see and tap into the inner strength you never knew you possess.It will make you see other ways to get things done.
You see,life is full of road bumps here and there.The more you understand this about life,the easier it will be to brace yourself up and handle challenges when they show up on your doorstep.
When you develop the right attitude about challenges,you’ll benefit and grow from them.
Incase you are wondering what life will be without challenges,let me indulge your curiosity.

  • Life will be boring.Bland.No spice.We’ll keep repeating the same thing over and over.
  • We wouldn’t learn something new.We never learn in our comfort zone.Because there’s nothing there to learn.
  • We wouldn’t know our strength,weakness,or capabilities.When you face challenges,you’ll engage your thoughts to seek ways out of the difficulty.
  • We’ll have nothing to keep us on our feet.Challenges are the reason you are not curled up in your couch 24 hours a day.
  • We’ll loose the drive to create and invent.Then we’ll loose life itself.

Don’t allow challenges swallow you.There’s always a way out of it.Think of many ways to beat challenges when they show up
The adversity of life is not peculiar to anyone.It’s what comes with life.

Now over to you.

Have you had any challenge,lately?

How were you able to scale through the  challenge?Use the comment section and tell us.

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