Which Gospel Are You Hearing And Preaching?

Hi everyone,
Good to know we are all on board,2018.
I’ve been away here for a long time.It was a journey of unlearning to relearning about God,Jesus,and Christianity.
I was shedding off doctrines that held me back from embracing the truth that’ll set me free.And it’s been an exhilarating and too good to be true experience.
This will bring me to the subject of this post:Which gospel are you hearing and preaching?
It’s saddening and discouraging when we go to church to hear the gospel,only to end up being fed “sin and hell” sermons.
“Thou shall not sin unless you’ll end up in hell.”
“God’s wrath and judgement is against you,sinners.”
And it goes on.
Now,does these sermons depict the goodnews?
Does it even portray God as a loving father or an angry God?
I have always thought Christianity to be hard.It’s all because of the rules and law sermons that were hard to keep.
“Do this”.”Don’t do this.”
This rule keeping sermons unarguably set ideas in my heart that,God is lurking behind me,waiting to punish me because I couldn’t fulfill the rules.
And guess what?
It made me so miserable and guilt-trapped.It was like how can I come before God when I’ve not been holy in my acts.
To me,it was a servant and a no- nonsense master relationship.
I had lots of fears.I concluded walking with God is burdensome.
But then,that was what we were told on the pulpit.
Thanks be to God;it’s now in the past.
Grace found me.I saw grace.And grace is a person.His name is Jesus.Now He’s teaching me the goodness and love of God,expressed through Him.
The Problem With Christianity
Christianity as depicted by some preachers,is all about rules and regulation.Preachers focus on sin,rather than God’s love in the person,Jesus.
Preachers make salvation so hard for people.They condemn people first,then tell them to give their lives to Christ or perish in their sin.
I’ve read Jesus’ account when He was on earth.His encounter with sinners and how He related with them.
Jesus never condemned sinners.He never exposed their bad behavior,(except the Pharisees and religious folks who claimed they were more righteous,depending on their own righteousness.) Rather what they received was the gift of no condemnation and forgiveness of their sins.
A case in point is the woman caught in adultery and the Samaritan woman at the well.
For the Samaritan woman,Jesus didn’t begin by saying: “repent,you adulterous woman who has had 5 husbands, yet living with someone not your husband.”
Jesus treated the woman with courtesy.He let her know He’s already aware of her sins.”For you have had five husbands…”
Here,Jesus revealed her sins,so she’ll know Jesus knows her past,yet still loves her.


John 3:17 says,”for God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world,but to save the world through Him.”
So,where is the goodnews when you condemn people or threaten them with hell?
That’s not good news.It’s bad news.


And what is the goodnews?

It’s a revelation of what Christ has made right for you;not what is wrong with you.
Or have you not read Romans 2:4 which says,it’s the goodness of God that leads to repentance?
So it’s not the threat,wrath or condemnation of God,folks.
When people come to church,they come because they are hungry and tasty for the truth that’ll set them free.

Acts 13 is a word for word documentation of what Paul preached in Antioch


And what did Paul preach about?

The death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ.The abundance of God’s grace expressed in Jesus.
God want us to focus on his goodness and love.Rather than on sin.
God came down to have fellowship with man.
When people know how much God loves them and start overflowing with the love of God,they will fulfill the law and rules effortlessly.
God’s word says, “love your neighbor as yourself.Love does no harm to his neighbor.Love is the fulfillment of the law.

Folks,we are been called to preach the gospel,which means goodnews.Not badnews.The gospel ought to enrich people,bring enlightenment;and not fear.Jesus had a laid down approach in reconciling men to God.That’s the approach Christians should adopt.It produces bountiful results

The world needs to hear that God loves them and He isn’t counting any sin against them.For Jesus took the sins of the world upon Himself at the cross.

No wonder  Jesus said,”…whosoever believes in me will not perish but have eternal life.”

And to believers,He told them:”Now you are the sons of God.Walk in the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

Know the gospel to preach and take heed to what you hear.

Now,I leave you to the word of His grace that is able to build you up,and give you an inheritance among those who have been sanctified.

God’s grace is the goodnews.

I will love to know your thoughts.Use the comment box.Thanks

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