Swallow, Chew: How Do You Eat The Word Of God?


Yearning to know God more, live victoriously and bear fruits are the desires of every true Christian. And how you eat the word of God goes a long way in determining if you become successful and live victoriously in your walk as a Christian.

Food is a necessity for the human body. We need food. We eat food to help build up our body, to stay alive and working too.

The Bible describes the word of God as the food for our spirit. As our physical body uses food in other to build up the body system to function effectively, so, our spirit man needs food to build up the spirit to enable victorious and prosperous living as a Christian.

Suffice to say, a glorious and victorious living is a function of how you feed on the word of God.(Jos1:8)

How Do You Eat The Word Of God?

There are different ways Christians feed on the word:

Some read the word of God, which is swallowing.

Some meditate on the word of God, which is chewing.

An explicit description for swallow is when people take pills. You pop a pill into your mouth and snap, it is gone down into your stomach or wherever it goes in there. Chewing doesn’t happen like this. It takes time because you are breaking food down into small pieces with your teeth for easy digestion.

The Christian who swallows (read only) the word and not chew, doesn’t get much out of the word of God. Such Christian had a quickie feed on the word of God. And as described in James1:24, he only took a glance at the word, walked away, and two minutes later, have no idea what he read.

That is spiritual malnourishment.Feeding poorly in the spirit affects one’s daily walk as a Christian. When challenges come up, he will cower, he bows and gets defeated because he couldn’t remember the word of God to help him overcome the challenge.

Swallowing or reading the word of God without meditating on it is catastrophic for Christian living.


This will bring us to the other way some Christians eat the word, which happens to be the best and productive way of eating the word of God.

Most Productive Way Of Reading The Word Of God


Meditating on the word is the most productive way of reading the word of God. It’s the only way to get the word ingrained into your life. Meditating on God’s word is pondering over what God says and relating it to your own life. This could be a particular scripture or promise in God’s word concerning a situation—health, finance issue etc.

You see, when you ponder or think about something over and over, it registers in your mind. And there is where God wants His word to remain. Not on the pages of the Bible.

“Keep my words within your heart” (Pro4:21).

Reading the word does not keep it within your heart. Meditating on God’s word drives the word into your heart. The Heart is the battlefield where life’s battle is either won or lost. The word of God that will help you to become a victor, is not the one on the pages or chapters of the Bible. It is the word of God you carry in your heart.

God’s word is like a seed. Seeds don’t grow or gain root on the surface of the soil. They need to be rooted inside to whether the storms, winds and bear fruits.Colossians3:16 says, “Let the word of God dwell in you richly”. Not on the surface.

Swallow, glance at, flip through or skim-read are on the surface ways of reading the word. They don’t produce fruits. They do not help a Christian to live victoriously.They either do not bring joy or gladness to the heart.

Do you want to grow in your walk with God? Do you want to be victorious and prosperous?

Then, whenever you want to read Gods word:

Sit down with the word.

Think of the word.

Meditate on the word.

Chew the word.

Don’t put the word of God in a box, expand it.The Holy Spirit helping you, you will experience true freedom, prosperous and victorious living,joy and gladness of heart as you walk with God.

How have you been reading the word of God? Use the comment section and tell us.

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