Seek God First


If there is one thing Christians are moving away from, it is the kingdom of God.


With all the media hype of seminars, e-books, talk shows, tweets about pursuing and living a successful life; everyone wants to be the perfect example of the successful life. From a happy marriage, a six figure paying job, investment and properties, degrees and awards: everyone wants to have a taste of it!


It’s a rat race out there!


What did God say about all these?

Did God make adequate provision for all these comforts of life?


He did!


“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”matthew6:33


While God made provisions for our comfort, His primary concern, and purpose for our lives is to seek Him and know His ways. The instruction was to seek God first, not seek Him second, which has become the norm presently among Christians.

The fear and worry of missing out have driven many Christians into wrong choices, some dabbling into ungodly ventures which has taken them out of God’s plan for their lives.

God doesn’t have a problem with seeking the comforts of life when it is sought in a godly means.

If God instructed us to seek His ways first, He sure will fulfill His promise to add ALL things to our lives.John10:35b says, “Scriptures cannot be broken. “God is not a man to lie or go back on His promise to meet all our everyday concerns. God is God. He honors His words more than anything.

One may wonder why God wants us to seek His kingdom ways first.

God is more concerned about the state of our soul and spirit. He wants us to seek His ways to enable us to grow in character. He is more concerned about us living a life worthy of Him, making us a holy people.

Everything we pursue here on earth is not meant to last forever. They have limited span.God calls them ‘perishable’. Our soul is the main deal. God wants to prepare our soul for the life beyond-eternity.

God knows that earthly pursuit before seeking His kingdom will take us away from His plan and purpose for our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is this:


Am I going to live for possessions, fame, and materialism?

Am I building my life on perishable things with no heavenly guarantee?


Seeking God and His ways is the end of our want.

“But those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”psalm34:10

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church worldwide(Winners Chapel) made this statement: “Everything added to my life where added when God considered them due. I didn’t need to ask for them. I never prayed for a house, wife, and car in my life. They were added when God considered them due. Matthew 6:33 covers you in all ramification.”

Matthew6:33 sets the pace for the future of Christians. It is the answer to all the questions of our lives.
If God did not spare His own son but gave Him up for us. How will He not also along with Him graciously give us ALL things?

When I remember that God gave up His only son for my sake, I can’t help but put all my trust in Him, obey His word to seek His ways first; knowing that He is more than able to meet all my needs.

It is good that we obey and seek God’s kingdom first, rather than seeking Him second. Whatever we acquire here on earth only ends here and they are not a guarantee for kingdom endorsement. The state of your soul will determine that.


Nothing will make your life more meaningful than knowing God first and walking in His righteousness.
It is my prayer that we all remain worthy vessels in God’s kingdom ready to seek Him first,to live for His righteousness and to accomplish all that He has called us to do.Amen!

To your purpose fulfillment!




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