Dear Believer, God is not Two-faced

Dear believer.png

But I’ve been told he is.

Two faced. Severally.

I could vividly remember the story my Sunday school teacher narrated to us (her students) one fateful Sunday morning. While she was teaching, she had gone ahead to tell us her neighbor’s experience with God. How God called her neighbor into ministry and her neighbor declined the call. And how God took one of her child from her, over her disobedience to the call.

Like, God.Killed.Her.Child.

My Sunday school teacher was trying to drive home, the point of what happens when we disobey God (her point was so out of who God is and how he relates to His children). But she ended up giving us the impression that God is two-faced.

He gives and takes back what he gives us whenever we disobey him.

I would have believed her story if she told it when grace has not been revealed to me.

I didn’t believe it.


Grace has shown me a picture of a loving father who made the first move to reconcile me to Him, while I was still neck deep in sin. Grace revealed a God who’s not out to hunt down those who won’t answer his call.

No. Grace also made me see a loving father who was ready to leave other ninety- nine well behaved sheep to come looking for me, one disobedient sheep.

So dear believer, I don’t know what you have also heard about who God is or how he relates to his people.

But I want to tell you this: God is not two-faced.

God is not divided in His interest towards us. He’s not good today and bad tomorrow. For if He was, He would have sent Jesus to come to condemn the world. However, Jesus condemned no one because it wasn’t what He was sent to do and not His nature too. He came to reconcile the world to God, to save the world from sin.

People will always have their own version of what they call their personal encounter or experience with God. And when they do, they become like Job who said, “The Lord gives and he takes.”

They go about painting God as a hard taskmaster lurking around the alley, waiting for you to make one wrong move so He can come down with His tool of punishment to wipe you back to the straight line—obey Him. And if you don’t He’ll take back what he’s given you.

No one is against you having your own personal experience with God. The question is, is it in line with the God that Jesus came to mirror to the world? Jesus who was stamped with the nature of God?

Don’t think I made this up. Here Hebrew 1:3 says,

“The son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he has provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.”

Scriptures made us know God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit, and Jesus went about doing good and healing all oppressed by the devil. Jesus didn’t go about taking from people, rather he gave them back what they lost. Or haven’t you read how he raised Jairus daughter and Lazarus from the dead?

How he healed folks who are diseased and cast out demons from the oppressed? And how he fed the great multitude following him to hear the word of salvation?

Everything Jesus did stemmed from a loving heart full of compassion and mercy for a world already dead.So how can a God represented by Jesus who did all these wonderful miracles be called two-faced?

James already told us in chapter 1:14 that God doesn’t put evil/bad in any ones way. He just isn’t impervious to evil. The same book of James told us, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, it comes down from the father of lights, in whom there’s no variation (no rising or setting) for he is perfect and never changes. “James 1:17

I have a whole lot of scriptures to quote that tells me God isn’t two-faced, fake or even bad. God is love and there’s nothing loving in putting bad in people’s way. Not my God. He loves and cares for you and me enough not to withdraw His attention from us. God’s heart of compassion is still beating for us.

It beats me when something bad happens and people quickly conclude it’s God who’s responsible. It’s like they don’t even remember the devil’s threefold ministry. If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you.

John 10:10 says, “The devil came to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you may have life in abundance.”

The devil has always been the mastermind behind every evil. Not God.

Jeremiah 29:11 told us God’s mind and plan towards his children. That they are plans to prosper his people and not to harm them. Plans to give them hope and a future.

And another one in Isaiah 49:15 says, “Can a woman forget her nursing child and have no compassion on the son of his womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you-never.”

Then Romans 11:29 says God doesn’t take away His gift.

Jesus is the better choice to understand the character of God

If you want to understand who God is and how he relates to His children, then you need to look to Jesus. If Jesus didn’t put bad in people’s way, God doesn’t and He won’t either. Jesus himself said this in John14:9, ”Anyone who has seen me has seen the father.”

Our God is not fickle, He does not change like shifting shadows. Don’t point a finger at God when something bad happens to you or someone around you. If you keep believing that God is behind your sufferings, how will you ever resist the devil when he comes to steal from you?

Get your belief right, dear believer. God is not two-faced.

Now over to you. Do you believe God is two-faced?

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Having a Good Name: What You Never Knew


Would you say your name is good?

Of course, I’m not talking about your actual name, Jane. Not Charles or Chichi either. I’m driving at what your name implies. Like what do people think of you when your name is mentioned during a conversation? What are you all about from a moral and ethical point of view?

Two events played out these past few weeks which made me realize that people are pursuing secondary matters without taking care of the most important aspect of their lives first. A good name.

I walked into an office a week ago. There I met a young guy who came for an interview at the office. No sooner had we exchanged pleasantries that he was called up for the interview. So I went about with what took me there. An hour later while I was outside the office, I saw the guy. I walked up to him to know how his interview went. His countenance did a little job of hiding his disappointment. He didn’t get the job, he told me. He went further to tell me how his former boss had called the owner who interviewed him to give a bad referral about him. Truth is he was guilty of what his former boss said about him.


The young guy sold his former boss’ products without his knowledge, taking the proceeds from the sale. And when he was found out, he was sacked. Now he’s out in the street, looking for another job.

But wait…

Was this guy thinking his former boss will cover his bad track and allow another boss experience the same thing? To lose his own products too? Some people have an absurd way of thinking, you never can tell.

Here’s another similar scenario. But on a good record.

Say you’ve not eaten at Rosie’s before, the food vendor near your office. You met Mr. A, Mr. B, and Miss C who have used her service to make inquiries.  They all gave you the same response. “Rosie is an amazing cook. She always gives you value for your money with her tasty, sumptuous and healthy meals. Her restaurant has a clean and airy atmosphere devoid of flies and food stains.”

Armed with this testimonial about Rosie’s, you went and tried her food. She didn’t disappoint as usual. You were impressed with her service. You are now a regular at her food service. Now her business has grown by one happy customer, you. And when you meet someone who is looking for the same experience as the one Rosie’s place gave you, you will recommend Rosie’s food service to them.

Rosie’s consistency in providing the same great experience for all her customers is a record that will stick with her. Even if it’s a bad record.

These two stories are just about the way a good name or a bad name comes. Our consistent acts which became our reputation by virtue of people’s past experience and interactions with us. These acts affect our present and also have a huge impact on how our future will pan out.

So, whether it’s a leadership position, business environment or relationship goal, having a good name is essential to your success in every area of your life.

A good name is better than riches.

Yes, you could get a skill, become certified or acquire knowledge with money. However, you can’t buy a good name. You can’t equate the value of a good name with that which money can get you.

A good name goes before knowledge, certification, and skill. It’s like an integrity costume one wears which follows him wherever he goes. It’s always the first thing people will get to hear and see about you.

Having a good name is a personal decision you’ll have to make to hold yourself to a consistent standard.

And you know what?

People are not given the good name tag by a one-time act. It’s in one’s consistency of action.

A good name begins with how you relate to and deal with people on your first contact with them. People don’t care about how long you’ve been in business or how many skills you have under your long belt. They only care about how you can make them feel by virtue of their experience with you. They want to know if you can deliver what you said your service does. They just want to know if you can be trusted.


Quite a number of people out there want to be rich, successful, but don’t want to straighten out their reputation first. Probably because they are yet to know what a good name can do or lack of it can do.

If you are yet in the know of what a good name can achieve for you, let me reveal to you the benefit of having a good name


3 Benefits of having a good name

1. A good name will earn you trust

Trust is important in virtually every relationship you’ll get to have with people—business, friendship, family, etc. And it’s also fragile. It can take you many years to build trust and one wrong move to bring it crumbling.


Psychologists have discovered that trust is the first emotional bond people develop as humans. So trust is seen as a survival mechanism in the midst of a chaotic world.

Now you see that people are looking for trustworthy relationships to survive, so the reason why having a good name is essential to earning their trust.

As people seek relationships, they can only end up with someone they can trust. I’ve stated it before that business has gone relational instead of transactional. People now transact business with a brand They know, like, and trust online.  And offline too.

Now the question is this.

Are you reliable? Do you stick to deadlines? Do you have people’s best interest at heart? If what you do to them is detrimental to their wellbeing and hurts their business, they won’t have any reason to continue any dealing with you as it has reduced your credibility to be trusted.

The case of the guy I met at that office is a true example of one whose acts are endangering someone’s business. His act turned out to give him a bad name. When people are able to trust you, they can stick with you for a long time. And you know what this means, especially if you are a businessman.

Having people to get to trust you begins in the consistency of actions you display towards them. These consistent acts are what makes people to be sure of what you can do or not. And what they can expect from you.


2. A good name attracts recommendation

Let me ask you. Have you ever been recommended by someone you’ve worked for to another person?

You did?

It sure happened because you did a good job of producing an amazing result. If you had done a bad job, you would have been painted in a bad light to anyone who cares to know.

Truth is, a job well done sells like hot beans. Referrals will keep coming from all angles. The referrals will ensure you get a continuous cycle of customers coming back for repeat service. Of course when it happens, sales revenue skyrocket. Some people will say it is favor but it isn’t. It’s your consistent acts at providing top-notch results for the services you render to people. No matter how small or big the job is, you always deliver.

Rosie’s story is a clear example of an attracted recommendation. It simply saves people time and stress. I mean, why go looking for a service when one with a great testimonial has been recommended to you?

When you deliver what you promise to do, it will earn you a good record which will increase your customer’s base through referrals.


3. A good name gets you long-term success

Yes wealth fleets, experience or skill becomes outdated over time. But not a good name.

A good name is what keeps brands in the business for a long time. A good name that was gotten from the consistent value being provided for, multiple times. When you maintain the tradition of delivering outstanding services and making your customers lives easier, they will stay with you for a long time.

A good name will bring you riches now and in the future.

What keeps a brand in business is when the brand keeps getting more and more customers. The brand with a good name enjoys bountiful privileges a brand without a good name will.

A brand I can mention which has been in business for a long time is Coca-cola. They’ve maintained a consistent standard of providing the same feeling and experience for their customers.

And now that we’ve known the importance of having a good name, let’s also look at how to get a good name.

How to get a good name

Fulfill your promise

It’s always said that a person’s name is as good as his words. Whatever the cost is, always stick to your words. Don’t say one thing and do another thing. Know what you are getting yourself into whenever you are about to make a promise. If you keep not fulfilling your words, they’ll end up to become telltale signs that you can’t be trusted. Since you can’t be trusted, how then are you going to market your product or service?

Refund if possible

If your service didn’t deliver the result it promised, then nothing can be honorable than refunding back the money.

I had a friend who got a bad review on his work profile from a client. Well, the client said he didn’t give him what he was looking for. Know what my friend did? He refunded part of the money and had the client remove the bad review. And you can imagine how it would have affected his chances of getting more work from prospective clients.

No one likes losing money. If you have a product or service out there, simply offer a money back guarantee.


Maintain a good ethical standard for your business

Businesses thrive on the good ethical standard they have and maintain day by day. These ethics are applicable to every aspect of a business conduct. Whether as an entrepreneur or corporate organization. Businesses need principles, standards, values that will help govern their actions and behavior. Failure to implement proper ethical standard will hurt their business.

One way of maintaining a good ethical standard is by being honest with customers. No overstating or exaggeration, in a bid to make a sale. Always give your customers proper information regarding a product or service.

And again, be caring. Don’t build a selfish brand that’s more concerned about their own benefit more than their customers. Remember we are talking about having a good name and earning trust here.

If your product is no longer safe for customers, do well to take it off the sale.


Wrapping it up

Having a good name is non-negotiable. Not even with money.

The lifeblood of every business or individual flows from their good name. Always act in a way that will earn the trust of people who come in contact with you.

“Life is for one generation. A good name is forever.”__Japanese proverb.

And now over to you. Tell me, what are you doing to have a good name?

Have you had any bad experience with a brand which reduced their credibility in your sight?

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Facebook and Instagram:Which is Good for Your Business?

Which is good for your business_

Businesses have gone social with their product and services. All thanks to social media platforms.

Social media has moved from being a social hub for connecting friends, family, acquaintance, to become the next big connection and marketing tools for businesses.

Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms. This is because of their larger userbase. And while they are different platforms owned by one person, Mark Zuckerberg; each stands out on its own. Each has a distinctive and unique feature that makes it stand out for marketing and advertising purposes.

The decision to use Facebook or Instagram for your business is dependent on some factors, as they will help you make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at the following factors to consider, to know the best fit for your business goal.

Factors to consider if Facebook or Instagram is good for your business

Consumer Reach


Facebook has over 2.19 billion active monthly users as of June   2018, according to statista. Instagram recorded 1 million monthly active users in June 2018. Facebook’s user base is more compared to Instagram. And it’s more popular among early bloomers (old folks).

Well, you can say that Facebook has been on board for a longer time before Instagram came onto the scene. However, Instagram is gaining traction rapidly on social networks worldwide. It is now a favorite among teens and young millennial.

Here are some statistics to compare how they perform in terms of reach


  • 2.19 Million monthly active users.
  • 1.45 Billion daily active users.
  • 1.71 Billion mobile monthly active users.
  • 15% of global active users are women between   18 and 24 years.
  • 350 million photos are shared each day.
  • 83% of users are female.
  • 75% of users are male



  • 1 Milion monthly active users.
  • Chat app has 400 million daily users, while story users line up from 300million.
  • 745 million mobile monthly active users.
  • 11% of global active users are between 18 and 24years .
  • 50.3% of users are female.
  • 49.7% of users are male.



When it comes to content sharing and engagement on posts, Instagram takes the lead. Instagram has been shown to have the most engaged post, which is 10 times higher than Facebook. Instagram makes it easy for users to have a no clutter experience with its distinctive features. There, it’s scroll, like and scroll, like. It’s easy to navigate.

However, Facebook has its newsfeed cluttered with posts from friends, groups, pages, etc. And sometimes, it’s shared, tagged or sponsored posts. It’s always difficult for content shared there to receive maximum engagement from users who come in contact with the content.

Facebook uses a mix of text, videos, infographics, and images to engage with users on the platform. It provides businesses with many options to choose how they want to engage with existing customers and new prospects. Content can be created in a text, video or image format as the case may be.

Facebook is the best bet for a business that needs more than a picture to tell its story.

Instagram is the true definition of a picture speaking one thousand words, as its primary focus is on images. It’s built as a photo sharing platform and makes use of images and a 60 minutes video to connect with users there. Instagram does well for businesses that want to showcase their products and services in a visual context.Like beauty, fashion or architectural industries.

Instagram is a celebrity hub and it brings fans closer to their favorite celebrities. It’s been confirmed that the most engaging posts are from celebrities.



Facebook has come a long way and has built a community of relationships, attracting more adult internet users. Adults as old as 65 years are found on the social network, with 13 years been the youngest user according to a survey conducted. It also has consumers with higher income and spending power too. This is a huge plus for businesses that might consider using Facebook to target specific consumers.


Instagram’s visual and creative platform attracts younger users.90% of its users are younger than 35 years.It has the largest demographic group comprising of males between 18 to 24 years. Instagram is ideal for reaching a younger audience if they are your target audience.


 Summing it up

Facebook and Instagram are great and popular platforms to market your product and service.

And the decision to use them for your business goal depends on the nature of your business. It will be best to try out both platforms to weigh their impact on your business since they have a larger user base from both old and young folks.

Now over to you.

Which of these two platforms do you think is good for marketing your product and service?

Use the comment box, let me know.





How Grace Was Revealed To Me


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Everyone loves stories. Stories they can relate to, learn from and enjoy too.

And it’s about time I told my “Grace story”.

“How Grace Was Revealed To Me.”

Lately, I changed one of my blog categories from faith to grace revolution. It’s the section I write about everything centered on the Christian walk. And since I’ve seen grace, it would be rational for me to switch to writing about grace, what I’ve learned grace is all about.

First, grace isn’t a topic or subject. It’s the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. So grace has been there from the beginning of creation. But I didn’t see it.

My Grace Story

Last year was my turning point from struggling to be a holy, good Christian to living the victorious life which Jesus has already made available for me on the cross.

From not being sure of how God feels about me in my inadequacy to how He sees me now, even with the flaws. And what He’s already done about them through Jesus.

The issues and fears I had around my walk with God made me come to the conclusion that Christianity is hard. Yeah, if you are still struggling with sin as a Christian, you’ll know how tiresome and bad it makes you feel.

My Fears

I was taught, for every sin, I commit, I must confess all if I want God to keep been happy with me and if I want to make heaven. With that teaching, I was always afraid of not confessing my sins and even to the ones I committed unconsciously. Since sin will land me in hell, I need to confess them because I never know if I was going to die while sleeping. For then, I’ll wake up to find myself in hell.

I attend church service and bible study. But no one taught me what Jesus has already done for me. I was only taught what I need to do to be in God’s good book.

I had fears of disappointing God. I couldn’t keep His commands. Trying to remain obedient was unattainable.

And the struggle continued.

Each time I go to church, I end up being miserable because of the sermon from the pulpit.

“Be holy, for God is holy.”

“No sinner will go to heaven.”

“God is perfect, you have to be perfect too.”

I got exhausted of hearing the sermon, as it wasn’t making me holy.

And deep down, I wanted to be holy. I just needed to be done with sin.

How God Came Through For Me

I took up my desire to be holy as a prayer request to God. It became a request I made whenever I prayed each day.

I remembered praying from Colossians 1:10. There it says, “And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.”

God is forever faithful. He came through for me. He said to ask and we shall receive. (Matthew7:7) Call upon Him and He will answer and show us great and unsearchable things we don’t know. (Jeremiah 33:3)

God started to reveal grace to me. First He showed me 2 Corinthians 12:9

“But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…”

I read it but nothing sprang up. I couldn’t perceive what God was trying to reveal to me through that scripture. Yet while on that verse, another scripture came to my mind: “may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God…” Then I recalled a book I was reading, by Benny Hinn;’Good morning Holy spirit’. There, he had explained grace to be the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Ok, Jesus was the grace. But how would it stop me from being done with sin, I wondered?

So this verse 2 Corinthians 12:9, became a verse I started to see everywhere I went. And I knew God was still speaking to me through it. Only that I couldn’t understand what He wanted me to see.

Then it happened

A day came, I went to one of the social forums I belonged to.Nairaland.And while browsing through the topics posted there, I saw a topic that jumped out from nowhere. Staring at me there. It was titled “If we are holy, why does God call us to be holy?”

The article was written by Paul Ellis, grace preacher at escape to reality  But was posted by a friend and member there.

I clicked on the headline right away and I was brought into the reality of what God has been trying to make me understand. And after reading the article, it was as if a burden had been taken off my shoulder. I felt light. And free too.

So true about the words of Jesus in Matthew 11: 30

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

There was joy in my spirit that found its expression outside. I couldn’t believe what I read there.


I was already holy! Holy Jane! In Christ!

Man, how was this hidden from me? And all this while I’ve been striving and struggling for what has already been given to me by Jesus.

Yes, Jesus gave me His righteousness.Free.There wasn’t any need to struggle to get it.

Trying to be holy on my own was a dead end street. For if I could be holy by my own effort, then Jesus came and died for nothing.

In that article, Paul Ellis gave an answer to the topic from an illustration made by Billy Graham, where he compared Christians to oak trees.

Thus, “As an oak sapling grows, it doesn’t get “oakier”.Oak is oak. It simply matures into what it is, a full grown oak tree.”

Paul Ellis went further to say, “You don’t become an oak tree by acting like an oak tree, nor do you become holy by acting holy. Jesus makes you holy. Your part is to mature into what He has already made you.”

“God is calling us to be who we truly are, in Christ. Be who the death and resurrection of Christ have made us  be.”

Be holy. And not ‘do’ holy. Not going about to do it by your own effort, but to accept and to become who Christ has made you be.

That’s it.

How grace was revealed to me.

In the scripture God showed me, 2 Corinthians 12:9; God was trying to make me understand that Jesus has already made me holy and that Jesus’ death and resurrection are sufficient. There was no need struggling to be holy when I’ve been made holy. I only needed to accept the righteousness of God in Christ.

My desire to be done with sin completely was impossible. The flesh can never be holy. Paul said in Romans 7:18,”I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.” And neither does it have the capacity to obey God. Always working against the spirit. (See Romans 8:7)

Becoming holy and righteous is only through the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s accepting His FREE gift of righteousness because our flesh can never attain it. God knew it already and that was why He sent Jesus.

What about now?

And today, does it mean I no longer sin or fail?

I do. But I quickly confess I’m the righteousness of God in Christ.

Yeah.Not my own righteousness.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Christ’s obedience at the cross already made me righteous.


And again, the grace of God teaches and empowers me to say no to sin and worldly passion; and to live a self-controlled, upright and godly life.

The grace of God and being conscious of my righteousness in Christ takes away the desire to sin.

Growing to become who Christ has made me be is a process. The more I behold Jesus every day, the more I become like Him. Knowing that I play no part in saving and keeping myself, I’m simply resting in God and watching as He works in me to will and to act according to His good plans and purposes.

Take this from me: Grace is beautiful.

If you are yet to see grace, keep looking and keep asking God. He will come through for you too.

And now, I commit you to God and the word of His grace that is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among those that have been sanctified. (Acts 20:32)

Now over to you. Are you on grace grounds?

What are your thoughts? Use the comment box and tell us.

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5 Effective Ways to Build Your Self -confidence

5 effective ways to build your self confidence

I’m not a confident person.

At first I wasn’t. I was that shy reserved lady who was self-conscious. I had this feeling of uncertainty about myself. I thought I hadn’t much to offer to the world.

No one will listen to me, no one will read my post if I share my thoughts online, and no one will follow my blog.

These feelings flawed my mind.

It brought my self-confidence to zero level. I didn’t believe in myself. And I wasn’t sure about my abilities.

But I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be seen.

And for me to be seen, I need to believe in myself and my abilities.

It was a journey and today, I’ve gotten my self-confidence back.

So if you are struggling with self-confidence like I did, this post will show you how to build your self-confidence.

For a start, let me explain what self-confidence is.

Self-confidence is a belief in yourself. It is trusting in your abilities to do something or be successful. And if you are someone that wants to fulfill your dreams, be seen or heard, you must have self-confidence. Because a lack of it will hold you back.

So, let’s delve into how you can build your self confidence.

  1. Change your thought process

Thoughts they say, are ancestors of deed. Our thought patterns affects almost every area of our lives. What we do and do not do .Thomas Edison said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. “ As self-confidence is a state of mind, when you are doubtful of yourself and your abilities, it will stop you from taking any meaningful action. This is because those negative thoughts are about what you think you can’t do or what you don’t have.

The battle to live your dreams is won or lost in your mind. Negative thoughts are limiting forces to building your self-confidence. While you can’t stop negative thoughts from passing through your mind, you can stop the thoughts from building a castle in your mind. You can let go of negative thoughts and change your thought pattern by feeding your mind with positive thoughts and information. These positive thoughts will in turn show in your personality. And from there, your self-confidence is increased.

Start believing in yourself. Whenever you find yourself thinking, “I don’t have what it takes to perform this task,” quickly replace it with, “I have what it takes to perform this task.”

Stop thinking about your weakness and start looking to your strength.

  1. Face your fears

Fear comes from the thought that you are inadequate, and you are about to let the world see it when you step out.

When I was about to start out on my blog, fear surfaced from nowhere.

“Fear of if people will read, let alone follow my blog.” “Fear of I’m not good and knowledgeable enough.”


The fear was there. But I pushed through the fear because I had a dream and desire to be heard. To share and inspire.My dream was greater than the fear.

Fear will always show up when you are about to take a step or major decision meant to propel you forward.

Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Fear of rejection.

It all starts by whispering negative thoughts into your mind.

“You can’t take up that position. You are not qualified for it.”

“How can you start a blog when your writing sucks?”

“No one will buy from you.”


These crippling thoughts robs us of our self-confidence. Because we’ll no longer see ourselves as being able to take the action.

The first step to facing your fear and overcoming it is, the awareness of the havoc fear causes. That, fear will always stop you from doing anything meaningful.

The second step is to arrest the fear. Fear is imagined. When your mind starts conjuring up those thoughts of inadequacy and not been good enough, stop the thought there on its track. Stopping the fear is done through affirmation. Speak positively to yourself. Tell yourself you can do it.

Again, a psychology study has shown that when fear starts building up, the muscles begin to tighten. To help you stop fear, identify those muscles that tighten up when you feel anxious or afraid, and try to relax them.

Be confident in yourself to know that failure, criticism, and rejection doesn’t define you. Let your dreams be bigger than your fear of failure, criticism, and rejection.

Life is about risk. So, take the risk to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Just like Nike says, “Just do it.” And watch your self confidence soar

  1. Increase your knowledge

Knowledge is a confidence builder any day. As a student, do you remember when you were about to write an exam, how you studied in readiness for the exam? On the exam day, do you remember how you felt having read and prepared?

You felt confident. Because you have read and prepared for the exam. If you hadn’t prepared for that exam, you wouldn’t be confident enough to write the exam.

If you lack knowledge, it will affect your self-confidence.

To increase your knowledge, embrace learning. Always be prepared for any given task ahead of time. Do you have a presentation to give? Prepare ahead of time to enable you get conversant with it.

Are you lacking a skill set in your chosen field or career? Go get the required skill to update your portfolio.

Read books to increase your knowledge base.

  1. Appreciate where you are now

Most of the time, focusing on what you don’t have now or what’s not working in your life can deplete your self-confidence.

Everyone is at different stages of their journey in life. The people who you see now as having achieved something for themselves, were once dealing with lack of confidence issue. But they went through the process and pulled through.

Appreciate where you are at the moment. Know yourself and seek ways to grow yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Focus on your strength instead of weakness. Realize that you are strong and also capable of pulling through to boost your confidence .You’ll get there.

  1. Socialize

Sociable people never lack self-confidence as they are always mixing and interacting with people. If you want to build your self-confidence, learn to socialize with people. If you are the type that waits for people to walk up to you to exchange pleasantries, don’t wait any longer. Instead turn the tables. Be the one to go walk up to greet them. You should also try to be the first person to start up a conversation.

Been social can start from your family members and close friends. Join them to participate in activities they are having .Also, you can attend social events with them to help you leave your comfort zone

Developing new friendships can also help to build your self-confidence. I’m not saying you should go and become friends with Tom, Dick and Harry. What I mean is quality relationships that will encourage and support you, helping you boost your self-confidence.

Summing It Up

I know building your self-confidence can’t be achieved in a day. It’s a journey, until you become self-confident. Be ready to go through the process.

You need to be committed to your desire to build your self-confidence. You also need to implement all points listed here. For without execution, you can’t build your self-confidence.

The world is waiting for you. Go and build your self confidence.

Do you have other ways to build your self confidence,do let me know in the comment section.And share this post if you find it helpful.

The Proven Evergreen Strategy That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business

The Proven Evergreen Strategy That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business.png

Ever wanted to know how you can grow your online business?

Maybe you are one of those who has been told, “If you want to make money online, sell something.”

And off you went to create your own product to sell.
And bang…Cricket. No one bought your product.
No click, to add the product to cart.

I know this will get you worried that you might end up asking yourself if you are meant to have an online business.
And I also know growing an online business isn’t easy.

Today, I’ll let you on, into the proven evergreen strategy that will help you grow your business.
First, let me tell you my little story.

Three months ago, I bought a freelance writing training course online. I didn’t buy the freelance writing course because I saw an ad and clicked through. I didn’t buy the freelance writing course because I had enough money to throw around any random course online. No matter the sugar-coated promises to help me become an awesome freelance writer.

I have known Walter, the freelance writer and internet trainer behind FreelancerKenya writing course. It was a time I was trying to make a career out of my passion -writing. Looking to hone my writing skills to become better. And one day, while searching for useful information related to freelance writing, I stumbled upon his blog.


With the articles I saw there, I subscribed. I started to receive newsletter and content from his blog. Rich, helpful and valuable content consistently.

Walter was committed to helping people like me become awesome freelance writers. After following his blog for a year, I bought his freelance writing course. I bought his course because he positioned himself as the go-to- guy to help me achieve my goal of learning how to write as a freelance writer.

Now, this is where many businesses get it all wrong.
Dangling their product in front of everyone they meet.
Buy my product! Buy my product! Buy my product!
But sorry dear, no one’s gonna buy your product just like that.

And why you may ask?
They don’t know you. They don’t like you. They don’t trust you.
Yeah.You read it.

In business, there is a marketing strategy called “The know, like and trust factor.”


What is the know, like and trust factor about?

This is the fundamental principle of marketing people go through before they can buy from you. Businesses are becoming more relationship-oriented than transactional.
Before people do business with you, they get to know you first, then like you. And trust you to buy from you.

This is the secret to many online businesses raking in more sales than their competitors.

In the little story, I told earlier, I first got to know the freelance writing trainer through the content he writes about on his blog. About freelance writing. He was consistent in providing useful information. I started to like him and everything about what he does. His stories resonated with me and my struggle to become an awesome freelance writer.

Then, I finally got to trust him enough to buy his product¬freelance writing course.

My story is exactly the same process people go through before buying a product or service.

The know, like and trust factor works for all forms of business online. Product or service.
And now that I’ve told you the effective marketing strategy to help you promote and grow your business, the next point is how you can build the know, like and trust factor.


How to build the know, like and trust factor

Know: As I mentioned before, businesses are now relationship¬oriented.People don’t buy from strangers. They prefer to buy from people they know to avoid being scammed online.Or taken advantage of.

To get people to know you, you have to become visible. Create awareness by putting valuable content out to get the attention of potential customers. Promote free content related to what your business is all about.

Let me cite an example.

If your product is body cream and lotion, you can offer free useful tips on “3 fruits that will give you a glowing skin”, “5 tips for a healthy skin”.

Or, if you run a traveling agency, you could share on “7 awesome places to go for your next vacation”.
These are just a few. And with this, people will get to know you exist and also know what you are all about.

Did I also mention all these examples fall into content marketing? Creating content related to your product to become visible and attract customers. These content are housed on your website, social media wall, and page.

I was able to know my freelance writing trainer, Walter, exists through the content he shared on his blog. Your content should not be limited to articles. You can share video related content too.

LIKE: To get people to like you, be human. Be yourself.Put a face to your name. Empathize with people and share your own experience, so they can relate with your brand. This is your Unique Selling Point.


But Let me quickly tell you this: Not everyone will like you and what you do.Don’t let it bother you. The idea is not to get everyone to like you. Well, your business is not for everyone. Is it?
Know who your ideal customers are.Your customers are also called buyer persona. Buyers who are attracted to you, what you do and how you do it. To help you picture your buyer persona, you should start with these simple questions:

  • Are your customers male or female?
  • What is their age range?
  • What is their profession?
  • What is their income?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?

These questions when answered by you, will help you know and understand your buyer persona. You will also be able to create content that provide a solution for them.

TRUST: We don’t buy trust. Rather we earn it.In order for people to trust you, they have to know you have their best interest at heart.
Give away free stuff. Valuable and helpful content related to your business. Let it also be something your target audience will benefit from.

Be consistent. If you say you’ll send out newsletter weekly, do so.Don’t break promises as it will affect your credibility.

Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur said,” Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”

Your consistent dishing of free and helpful content will endear you to them, to trust you. For then, you’ve appealed to the emotional part of them.

Offer guarantee. There are nothing people like more online than a product with a money back guarantee or a 30-day trial. People love it when they know they’ve got nothing to lose. They won’t be taken advantage o, when they make a buying decision online.

Summing it up

Growing your business online isn’t rocket science. It starts from building the know, like and trust factor.
People only transact business with people they share a relationship with. Not strangers.So, the game changer for your online business is creating useful content to provide a solution for ideal customers. It is having their best interest at heart.


It is positioning yourself [Brand] as the product [Body cream] your customer thinks about when she wants to have that glowing skin.
Now, are you ready to grow your online business?
Go get your ideal customers.

Over to you, have you been building the know, like and trust factor for your business?
Use the comment section. Let’s engage.
Also, don’t forget to share this post if you find it helpful.

What if There Were no Challenges?


What if there were no challenges?
I’ve been trying to imagine life without challenges.But the picture I keep seeing in my mind is that of a robot.
A robot doesn’t have a life.Heck,it has no will or sense of emotion. So,how can it be challenged?
We aren’t a robot.We are human.
And challenges only presents itself to the living.

I don’t know how many times I’ve wished away challenges. The wishes only end up becoming a smoke that dissapears into thin air.
Truth be told,challenges aren’t sweet.Nobody likes it.This comes from the fact that we lean towards anything that’s not stressful or challenging.We will always seek the easier route and pleasurable ways.Hedonism: human nature.


Recently,I read a story a man told on Quora.The story happened in his college days.Then,he was a timid young guy.In his own words,a coward.
It was his first day in college,and he happened to be the first student to walk into the massive hall,where his first lecture will be held.
Being the coward he was,sitting at the back was the safest and logical thing to do.
The proffesor wouldn’t call him or talk to him.No one will notice him and he will hide at the back seat for the rest of the semester.
The timid young guy walked into the hall,moving to the back seat in the hall.He sat down.

On a second thought,he told himself he couldn’t continue being a coward.He stepped out from the back seat with the little confidence he could muster,and walked back to sit at the front row of the lecture hall.
He slided into the first chair in the front row,feeling his confidence leaving him and flying off the window.Again,he thought of going back to the back seat.But the thought that people has seen him leave the back seat to move to the front,will seem strange to those people who saw him.
So,he took a heavy breathe and sat,glued there.

He wasn’t going to pass out;he thought.
No sooner had he settled on the front seat that the professor walked into the hall.
The professor hasn’t noticed him.He exhaled within.
He was still alive.
Then,he had a voice that shouted,signaling some guys to move to the front row.
There was a sudden rush,as the guys sprinted to seat at the front row,next to the timid guy.It happened with the guys all relaxed;joking and laughing.

The timid guy couldn’t believe his eyes.
For all the coercion and bravery it had taken him to sit on the front row,it took these guys next to nothing to sit on the front row.It hadn’t been a challenge for them.Probably,they wouldn’t remember this,but him,the timid guy will.


The man concluded his story with these words: “we forget what was easy because there’s no achievement in what we do with ease.”


This story made an important discovery about life and challenges.
What might be a challenge to you may not be a challenge to the other person.Again,challenges presents itself either in small or big form.
So,it’s logical to say,life is a challenge itself.


While everyone have their own share of challenges,the big question is this: How Do You Handle Challenges?


How do you perceive challenges and how do you react to them?
Can I tell you this? Perception is everything.
The way you regard challenges,the way you perceive them with your senses and beliefs,will determine if you can handle and raise above the challenges.
Do you see challenges as a stone or a stepping stone?


Do you allow difficulties to keep you to the ground without a fight?
Do you even know you are the one to decide if your challenges will break or build you?
I love these words of Joel Osteen.He said, “You wouldn’t be who you are today without all the things you’ve been through.Don’t complain about the challenge.It’s not hindering you.It’s preparing you.”


Challenges will help you see and tap into the inner strength you never knew you possess.It will make you see other ways to get things done.
You see,life is full of road bumps here and there.The more you understand this about life,the easier it will be to brace yourself up and handle challenges when they show up on your doorstep.
When you develop the right attitude about challenges,you’ll benefit and grow from them.
Incase you are wondering what life will be without challenges,let me indulge your curiosity.

  • Life will be boring.Bland.No spice.We’ll keep repeating the same thing over and over.
  • We wouldn’t learn something new.We never learn in our comfort zone.Because there’s nothing there to learn.
  • We wouldn’t know our strength,weakness,or capabilities.When you face challenges,you’ll engage your thoughts to seek ways out of the difficulty.
  • We’ll have nothing to keep us on our feet.Challenges are the reason you are not curled up in your couch 24 hours a day.
  • We’ll loose the drive to create and invent.Then we’ll loose life itself.

Don’t allow challenges swallow you.There’s always a way out of it.Think of many ways to beat challenges when they show up
The adversity of life is not peculiar to anyone.It’s what comes with life.

Now over to you.

Have you had any challenge,lately?

How were you able to scale through the  challenge?Use the comment section and tell us.

Don’t forget to follow my blog.


Which Gospel Are You Hearing And Preaching?

Hi everyone,
Good to know we are all on board,2018.
I’ve been away here for a long time.It was a journey of unlearning to relearning about God,Jesus,and Christianity.
I was shedding off doctrines that held me back from embracing the truth that’ll set me free.And it’s been an exhilarating and too good to be true experience.
This will bring me to the subject of this post:Which gospel are you hearing and preaching?
It’s saddening and discouraging when we go to church to hear the gospel,only to end up being fed “sin and hell” sermons.
“Thou shall not sin unless you’ll end up in hell.”
“God’s wrath and judgement is against you,sinners.”
And it goes on.
Now,does these sermons depict the goodnews?
Does it even portray God as a loving father or an angry God?
I have always thought Christianity to be hard.It’s all because of the rules and law sermons that were hard to keep.
“Do this”.”Don’t do this.”
This rule keeping sermons unarguably set ideas in my heart that,God is lurking behind me,waiting to punish me because I couldn’t fulfill the rules.
And guess what?
It made me so miserable and guilt-trapped.It was like how can I come before God when I’ve not been holy in my acts.
To me,it was a servant and a no- nonsense master relationship.
I had lots of fears.I concluded walking with God is burdensome.
But then,that was what we were told on the pulpit.
Thanks be to God;it’s now in the past.
Grace found me.I saw grace.And grace is a person.His name is Jesus.Now He’s teaching me the goodness and love of God,expressed through Him.
The Problem With Christianity
Christianity as depicted by some preachers,is all about rules and regulation.Preachers focus on sin,rather than God’s love in the person,Jesus.
Preachers make salvation so hard for people.They condemn people first,then tell them to give their lives to Christ or perish in their sin.
I’ve read Jesus’ account when He was on earth.His encounter with sinners and how He related with them.
Jesus never condemned sinners.He never exposed their bad behavior,(except the Pharisees and religious folks who claimed they were more righteous,depending on their own righteousness.) Rather what they received was the gift of no condemnation and forgiveness of their sins.
A case in point is the woman caught in adultery and the Samaritan woman at the well.
For the Samaritan woman,Jesus didn’t begin by saying: “repent,you adulterous woman who has had 5 husbands, yet living with someone not your husband.”
Jesus treated the woman with courtesy.He let her know He’s already aware of her sins.”For you have had five husbands…”
Here,Jesus revealed her sins,so she’ll know Jesus knows her past,yet still loves her.


John 3:17 says,”for God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world,but to save the world through Him.”
So,where is the goodnews when you condemn people or threaten them with hell?
That’s not good news.It’s bad news.


And what is the goodnews?

It’s a revelation of what Christ has made right for you;not what is wrong with you.
Or have you not read Romans 2:4 which says,it’s the goodness of God that leads to repentance?
So it’s not the threat,wrath or condemnation of God,folks.
When people come to church,they come because they are hungry and tasty for the truth that’ll set them free.

Acts 13 is a word for word documentation of what Paul preached in Antioch


And what did Paul preach about?

The death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ.The abundance of God’s grace expressed in Jesus.
God want us to focus on his goodness and love.Rather than on sin.
God came down to have fellowship with man.
When people know how much God loves them and start overflowing with the love of God,they will fulfill the law and rules effortlessly.
God’s word says, “love your neighbor as yourself.Love does no harm to his neighbor.Love is the fulfillment of the law.

Folks,we are been called to preach the gospel,which means goodnews.Not badnews.The gospel ought to enrich people,bring enlightenment;and not fear.Jesus had a laid down approach in reconciling men to God.That’s the approach Christians should adopt.It produces bountiful results

The world needs to hear that God loves them and He isn’t counting any sin against them.For Jesus took the sins of the world upon Himself at the cross.

No wonder  Jesus said,”…whosoever believes in me will not perish but have eternal life.”

And to believers,He told them:”Now you are the sons of God.Walk in the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

Know the gospel to preach and take heed to what you hear.

Now,I leave you to the word of His grace that is able to build you up,and give you an inheritance among those who have been sanctified.

God’s grace is the goodnews.

I will love to know your thoughts.Use the comment box.Thanks

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up(Even when you want to)

reasons why you should never give up

Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

I’m giving up!

I can’t see any result yet

My challenges overwhelm me.It’s getting the better part of me and I already feel like a failure right now.

Can you relate to either of them or all? I want you to know that you are not alone. Everyone feels and experiences it.

Life challenges suck!

It makes us question ourselves, our capacity and leaves room for self-doubt to creep in. And in such moment, we get drained of our mental strength. We can’t continue again. This leaves us no choice than to give up.

But hold on, why should you give up?

Here, let me give you reasons why you should hang in there and never ever give up.

7 reasons why you should never give up

1.You are alive; this is hope

You are reading this post right now. It means you are alive. It’s a plus and the most important reason for not giving up. There is hope for a life that’s still breathing, even a living dog is better than a dead lion. You have lots of opportunities. Opportunity to make your dream happen, be who you want to be, another chance to sit down and come up with another plan to start again. Now smarter.

It’s only those who are alive get such chance. Not the dead. When you don’t succeed the first time, you can try again. Your breakthrough might be next door. Giving up is not an option if you are alive.

2.Everyone passes through life challenges

The adversity of life is not peculiar to you. Everyone goes through the ups and downs of life.

Why is this so?

Life is not a smooth ride. There are road blocks and bumps here and there. Because you live on this planet called earth, you will face challenges. Everyone.

The more you understand this about life, the easier it will be to brace yourself up and handle challenges when they show up on your doorstep.
3.You owe it to your dreams

The ‘you’ within you have a dream. A dream that can only find expression outside.

I watched a young woman on TV two days ago. She came for an audition. The voice Nigeria. The host interviewed her before she went up to sing.There, she told the host she’s been on 20 auditions. The voice Nigeria is her 21st audition. She hasn’t given up. She won’t. Yeah, she told the host so. It has been her dream to become an artist and this might be the platform to help launch her dreams.

And you know what?

She sang so well that she got picked by one of the judges.

Ok.while yours might not be to become a singer, you do have a dream waiting to be birthed. Give yourself that joy of pursuing it and make it a reality. Nobody said it will be easy and effortless. Don’t deny yourself the fulfillment that comes with making your dream happen. When you live your dreams, you live life without regrets.
4.Nobody has got it all

Do you know everything?

You don’t. I don’t. No one knows it all. It is only human that we can’t figure everything out. Your challenges do not make you less human. We are bound to make mistakes, as we look for solutions to our problems. It does not make you less human. When you fail or don’t get it right, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, try again. There is no hard or fast rule about how many times one can fail.

It’s OK to admit not to know all. It’s OK to admit a fall. But they are not a reason to give up when we face them. They are only events, the result of a strategy that will not work. A fall, a mistake doesn’t define you. Rise up and move forward. Launch out again, now armed with tested strategies and the ones untested.


5No lesson or experience to gain

Life is a teacher; the more you live, the more you learn. Adversities are great teachers for life. If you give up on your dreams, how will you grow?

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, failed many times before he got a breakthrough. His friend who went down to Thomas’s laboratory to see him asked him this question:

“Isn’t it a shame that with the tremendous amount of work done you haven’t been able to get any results?’’ Thomas replied him, “Results! Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! I know several thousand things that won’t work!”

If he had given up on his project, he wouldn’t have become successful. And even had to know a thousand things that will never work.

We grow through trial and error. Keep trying, but never give up. Your next attempt might be the key to your breakthrough.


6. The stronger the wind; the stronger the tree

What doesn’t kill you will make you strong. A verse from the Bible says, “If you fall in the days of adversity, how small is your strength. Life challenges make you strong. It exposes you to the inner strength you never knew you have. I can tell you that you become open to possibilities to help you overcome the challenge. You learn how to use life challenges to make yourself better.Here is a helpful post on how to fail and succeed

People are not able to get a grip on challenges because of how they perceive setback and failure. When you develop the right attitude towards challenges, you stop seeing them as one. Rather you start to see it as a strength booster. To make sure you don’t get discouraged and give up, when you face challenges, ask yourself these questions:

What can I learn from this challenge? How will I grow from it?

This will put you in a positive state. And a positive mind will make you embrace your challenge, seeing it as a learning tool.
7.You are the answer to someone’s problem

Have you for a moment thought that without your contribution or story, someone out there will be missing out?

If you’ve not heard it elsewhere then here it now, you are the answer to someone’s problem.The world will care if you give up. Yes, you didn’t give them the solution you have inside of you to cure the world of what ails it.

Do not for a moment think that you are here to fill a space on earth. You are here to contribute your own quota to make the world a better place.To tell your own story as a source of inspiration.Thomas Edison never gave up and today he’s a source of inspiration to many lives.  Look around. There are needs. People are looking to find comfort and inspiration. No matter how little, your contribution will speak volume.

You have what it takes to help someone out there. That God-given gift seats inside, waiting to be unleashed.

A whole lot of people have been there before you. They were courageous and stood their ground. They kept showing up till they became a success in their different field.


Check out these inspirational quotes which will inspire and encourage you to never give up.Great minds have written them. They have been there before, but they never gave up.You can also be like them too.Here we go

Inspirational quotes encouraging you never to give up

“Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does no one else “_unknown

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”_Vince Lombardi

“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”_Roy T.Bennett

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful. “_Zig Ziglar

“When you feel like giving up, remember you held on for so long in the first place.”_ Unknown

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” _Elbert Hubbard

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” _Thomas Edison

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” _Thomas Edison

“Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. ”_Conrad Hilton

“Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying and never stop learnings.” _Roy T. Bennett

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” _F.Scott Fitzgerald

Summing it up

Today, you should make the choice to keep trying because you are stronger than you think and still alive.Everyone has their own share of life challenges.Challenges are not there to break you but to build you up.See them as opportunities to grow.You are not here on earth by mistake.You are here to fulfill a purpose.The world awaits you.

If this post was helpful, do tell us through the comment box.And don’t forget to share.





Don’t Waste Time! 5 Attitudes That Will Help You Succeed In Reccesion

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5 Attitudes for People Who Want to Succeed in the Midst Of A Recession

Success begins with an attitude…not just any attitude.
Success is intentional. It is planned. It is an act that yields expected results when the right approach, principle, and attitude is applied. From the small goal to the big project, the attitude you put up matters a lot, as it will affect your desired result.

Attitude, in psychology, is the way people respond to an idea, object, person or situation through their emotion, belief, and behavior. Attitude influences people’s choice of action and their responses to issues and challenges. Your mental position is very expedient on your goals.

Yeah, I know. Life is filled with ups and downs, the world has enough bad news to make someone jolt out of their sanity
We’ve been listening to economic and financial experts tell us their opinion. And gradually, we’ve structured our lives based on their opinion.

Jeez….There is a recession!

But people are still buying cars, going for a vacation, building moon scrappers, living large…..all in the midst of the recession.
They are still with us…. and succeeding right under our nose.

You might ask, “How are these people succeeding in the face of economic recession? What are they doing that I’m not doing?”

Ask no further.The answer lies on how they react to situations and event they encounter. It is in the attitude they put up in the face of their daily challenges as they journey through life. They know that attitude is everything. They also know that it’s not what happens to them that matters, not even what they hear but how they choose to respond to it.

So, if you really want to up your game and succeed in the midst of a harsh economy, then you need these attitudes:

1. A Positive Attitude. A positive attitude will let you do everything that a negative attitude won’t let you do. In the midst of the recession and negative news, people are still being optimistic, pursuing their dreams and living comfortably.

The word ‘recession’ is a conspiracy against your success. It stagnates and limits your chances to achieve your desired result

HERE….let me tell you a brief story of one of the most influential businessmen and personal development experts from America.
Paul J Meyer.Before he clocked 25, he built the largest insurance agency in North America, recruiting 820 agents in 12 months at a time when the average agency was comprised of about 5-20 agents. He and his family operated more than 40 successful businesses in a multitude of industries.
How did it happen?
He had an unusually positive attitude summed up in this phrase, “the whole world is conspiring something good for me.” If there was any information or situation contrary to that, he would keep away from been negatively affected by that information. During a recession, he and his team were struggling to find new business and generate more sales. Seeing that they were surrounded by negative messages coming from all directions, the company set a goal not to read the newspaper, not to watch television and not to listen to any gossip for 30 days but simply go out and work. As a result of that decision, they increased their production by 50%.
Some people are busy listening to the news and reading media reports while some have shut their ears to this news.
‘There is a recession’ is for people who are not ready to succeed. If you fuel your journey to success based on what they are saying, you will run out of gas!
Shut your ears to any information that is against your goals to make it!
Be positive minded!

2. Guard Your Heart. Do you know that your success begins from within….your heart? The Bible says, “Guard your heart very well; life starts from there. “The battles of life are won or lost in your heart. The human mind is the seat of choices and decisions. What you allow and entertain in your mind will replicate itself as the result.

If you will succeed, you must be prepared to guard your heart. It’s ok to admit negative circumstances but it’s not ok to dwell on them. Our thoughts release brain chemical and one thing about negative thoughts is that it saps you of your mental strength. It erodes the ability of the brain to function. Guide your heart against the negative things you see and hear. Don’t entertain such thoughts.Stop listening to how there is a recession. Fill up your mind with positivity!
3. Be Persistent. Persistence in the midst of a recession is the difference between a successful life and an unsuccessful one. It is the ability to keep pushing whether circumstances are favorable or not favorable.

I love the words of USA 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, about persistence.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press on’ has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.”

If you possess everything and you don’t have persistence, you have nothing. If people give up at every slightest challenge, they will have no victories or success.

Your determination and persistence will keep you going, stay focused and true to your desire to achieve success.

4.Be Consistent. Just as persistence will keep you going, it will also knock off every wave of inconsistency. Consistency is always a sign of one’s commitment to their goal, ambition and success story.It is the difference between success and failure. Don’t underestimate the power of showing up. Don’t forget to do the things that will bring you closer to your desired result consistently.

The reason why some people fail to achieve their goals is their inconsistency in following through. Today they are showing up, putting up the right attitude as listed here, tomorrow they are packing up. It will only turn out to become futile. You need to work in a consistent manner in view of your goals. Stay on your goals and plans to succeed.

Be consistent every day. You are not going to succeed because you showed up today. You will only succeed when you show up every day.

5. Go to Work. Yeah…leave the news.
Whatever legit thing your hands find to do, do it well…..with all your being.

Summing It Up

Your reactions to what happens in your plan to succeed will determine whether you succeed or not. A positive attitude will let you do everything that a negative attitude won’t let you do. Human brain functions best when you react in a positive way.

The heart works like a computer garbage in, garbage out. What you entertain in your mind will reproduce itself as an end result. Dwell on thoughts that support your ambition, dreams, and goals to succeed.

Persistence will keep you going in the midst of setbacks and vicissitudes of life. Persistence pays.

Your commitment to following through will reward your efforts with your desired result.

When you concentrate on the right attitude, you stir up the desire to get moving, to seize the day, to take action, to conquer every adversity that jeopardizes your well-being or prosperity.
To Your Success!

Now over to you, do you have other great attitudes that will help? Use the comment box and tell us.

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Life is all about purpose and positivity